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Post  Lord Gan on Wed Oct 03, 2007 8:38 pm

1) How many hours do you spend on playing travian in a day?
2-3 hours spread over the day

2) How many soldiers do you have currently?
In the process of training 25

3) What is your goal in travian?
To have a great economy, a few villages, a large army, and belong to a great alliance

4) Are you being farmed by our members or other alliances? If yes, please indicate who they are?
yes, godspecialgirl, rednut, and enot

5) Do you have ever joined other alliances before? If yes, please explain why you leave/quit the alliance?

6) Do you have ever tried to join other alliances before? If yes, please state which one and why they decline you.

7) Why do you choose Ulicari Clan instead of other alliances?
Because it looks like a great alliance to be a part of

Cool What can you do for Ulicari Clan?
I can provide resources and reinforcements

9) What do you expect to get from Ulicari Clan?
Protection from being farmed and possibly a few friends

Lord Gan

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Post  SirArtturi on Wed Oct 03, 2007 11:29 pm

Hello Lord Gander!

I'll start to deal your application. Meanwhile you could answer to couple more questions. These questions will give me the most valuable information of your case.

1. How many crannies you have and what level ?

2. Warehouse and silo capacity ?

Specific information: gander&a=UC!&g=1&ser=18&maph=300&20=klik&color=Array&color_rgb=Array&ln=it&zx=-59&zy=16&zz=2&n=Lord%20gander&a=UC%21&g=1&ser=18&zx=-59&zy=16&zz=2&direct=1

UC - Headhunter. Recruiter - Application dealer
SirArtturi UC

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Post  Rednut on Thu Oct 04, 2007 6:59 am

hey dude,
so far you've been a good farm for me and a couple of others that you have mentioned. do you think that as a member of UC, you could be more beneficial to its growth?
if so, how?
it is worth noting that lordgander had an army of about 25 legs that i destroyed yesterday because
a) i wanted to farm him and
b) his proximity to godsspecialgirl meant that he could be farming some of her farms.

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Post  Nubilos on Thu Oct 04, 2007 8:40 am

One question from me:

How long have you been playing travian? (In terms of experience)

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