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Post  SirArtturi on Tue Oct 09, 2007 10:11 pm

this is from odessit:

1) How many hours do you spend on playing travian in a day?

i check game often about 2-4 hours a day

2) How many soldiers do you have currently?

few cause attacks

3) What is your goal in travian?

to win

4) Are you being farmed by our members or other alliances? yes? it`s
true: my farmers rednut and Nubilos but he became to do it when i enter
to RUS al

5) Do you have ever joined other alliances before?

RUS - left cause not

6) Do you have ever tried to join other alliances before?

see above

7) Why do you choose Ulicari Clan instead of other alliances?

it's close to me and it was the first alliance i saw when i first got in the game.

and i think i win this game with your aliance

Cool What can you do for Ulicari Clan?

play in team

9) What do you expect to get from Ulicari Clan?

Actually, as U said already - Support!


sorry for my english, i hope it`ll be not problem? please=))

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Odessit application Empty Re: Odessit application

Post  Rednut on Wed Oct 10, 2007 6:20 am

i have no objections, she's a terrible farm XD
however, i think she sim's... i've never seen a particularly big army in her village, if any at all...

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